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Play! Manu Katché

News hit this summer that drummer par excellence, Manu Katché, was leaving his Münich-based record label ECM of 10 years for ACT Music, another Münich-based record label. The debut album was recorded live at the Paris jazz venue New Morning on 16 June 2014. The change of labels is good news to the Spotify users who saw Katché’s input […]

Spotify Family

“This is music to my ears“, writes Andrew Denham, MD of Panasonic UK, of Spotify’s plans to create a family plan with 50% discount for up to 4 additional members on the same account. I am sure Denham is not the only one finding his listening session abrupted by a family member connecting to Spotify from […]

Double bass love

One of my long time favourite instruments is the double bass, also known as the contrabasse, stand-up bass or upright bass. It has been around for centuries, although it is not known who built the first ones or when they first appeared in music. According to, the earliest known illustration of a double bass […]

Sublime soprano Gheorghiu

Despite certain vocal mannerisms, which has not made her a favourite among the purists, and despite a reputation for being a conceited, demanding and difficult diva, Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu (Adjud, Romania, 1965) remains one of my favourite female voices. The plaintive character of her voice, so suited to Puccini, is mesmerising and a trait, I wonder, of Romanian […]

Sam Smith: Latch (Acoustic)

British souls singer and writer Sam Smith (London 1992) performing an acoustic version of “Latch”, of which he had a hit with the band Disclosure late 2012. Smith is otherwise known as the voice on the 2013 summer wonder hit “La La La” by Naughty Boy. I confess to be a fan of his voice; his sense of phrasing […]

Vinyl not better than CD?

News blog Vox discusses whether the audio quality on vinyl really is better than on CDs. “On a theoretical level, there’s just no reason it should be the case that vinyl sounds better“, the author of the article contends, and continues: “There are built-in problems with using vinyl as a data encoding mechanisms that have no […]

Makiko Hirabayashi

The featured track is from an album realeased in 2009 on the German label Enja: The Tokyo-born pianist Makiko Hirabayashi‘s “Makiko”. Hirabayashi is currently living in Denmark and is here accompanied by two reknowned Danish musicians, Klavs Hovman on bass and Marilyn Mazur on percussion. Read more about the album here or visit Hirabayashi’s website.

Calleja cultural ambassador to Malta

Joseph Calleja has become Malta’s first cultural ambassador.  In a statement, Malta’s Culture Minister, Mario de Marco, said, “Joseph Calleja is a living testimonial to a culture of excellence, an excellence of culture as a country and as a nation we need to strive towards.” A self-described “Maltaholic,” Calleja is honored to receive such a prestigious nomination from his homeland. […]