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Spotify officially launches in the US

Spotify has officially launched in the US. The company announced today that the streaming music service finally is available in the world’s largest music market.

The US service does not differ much from what is offered in Europe and prices are as anticipated: $9.99 for the premium streaming plan and $4.99 for the “unlimited” plan. The “open” plan is free, but so far invite only. The premium plan allows you to play songs offline and is available through a mobile client on your phone. The quality of the streams is also higher (320k mp3). Full overview of each plan here.

According to The Next Web invitations to the free version will be “very limited from the outset, as Spotify will look to gain subscribers to push users to the paid service.” TNW also says that the same listening restrictions as in Europe apply the free service: For the first six months, a limit of 20 hours of listening will be in place for each month. After that, the limit will be 10 hours and you won’t be able to listen to a track more than 5 times.

Here’s Spotify’s launch campaign on Youtube:


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