Here today, gone tomorrow

Løse tråder. Cabos sueltos. Amores y perros. Musings on music, bad poetry and a picture of a beer bottle every now and then. Out & about in Andalucía, Spain. Expect posts in English, Norwegian and Spanish.


In my forties, unfortunately, but still enjoying life, mostly in and around Andalucía in southern Spain and is often seen on my newfound love, a pair of rollerblades. Old men of 40 years on rollerblades are pretty cool ;-).

Active on the internet since 1995, I’ve attempted many different kinds of social, collaborative ventures, most notably a classical music portal (opera) of which I was the owner and curator during the years 1998-2010. Since then I have gathered many ideas for a blog, but never really found neither the time nor the energy to pull anything off. Eventually, and many years later, I just opted for maintaining this space, which is a mish mash of all other previous ideas and things that interest me.

Feel free to connect if you like what you see.

twitter: @janthonisen
instagram: @janthonisen